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Accessories and Spare Parts for Cleaning Machines Units

Aleco S.r.l. are specialized in distribution of accessories and spare part for cleaning machines.
In this site you will find a vaste range of products and technical components of most advanced
available technologies on the world market.

Aleco export in Europe and the world ...
Argentina, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia , Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey.


Nozzles for civil use Nozzles for pipe cleaning Hose reels
Jet nozzles, triangular nozzles, ovoidal nozzles. Rotating, chain nozzles and more.... Nozzles for pipelines cleaning , root cutters, percussion nozzles and more Hose reels, installable on sewer cleaning machines, for tanks and combined units.
Civil nozzles ugelli pulizia tubazioni Abbolgitubi
High Pressure Pumps Valves Locking Devices
High pressure pumps and spare parts. ROSTOR pumps are totally interchanging with other pumps. Regulating valves
Safety valves
Pneumatic valves
Locking devices
ADR eccentric locking devices
Secondary shutt-off valves
and more...
Pompe alta pressione Valvole Chiusure per cisterne
Shutters and flanges Filters Hydraulic Accessories
Lever valves
Gate valves
Pipe couplings
Suction water filter Hydraulic hammers
Hydraulic pile drivers
Escavator drills
Submersed pumps
Saracinesche e flange Filtri

Accessori idraulici

Pipe Plugs    
Pipe plugs for sewer line maintenance and repair.    
Pipe Plugs for sewer line maintenance and repair